Interim CMO Services

For businesses seeking sales growth through new channels of distribution and new product or service introductions, our interim CMO services will increase the marketing reach to individuals making and influencing those buying decisions.

Maximize market coverage

Maximize market coverage as quickly as possible. Your investors want to be assured that their marketing investments lead to sustainable growth with innovative go-to-market (GTM) strategies that include an appropriate balance of online, social and traditional media.

Guidance for start-ups

Beginning with the final phases of product development, capturing the voice of the customer (VOC) early in the process simplifies the creation of compelling messaging. Surveys of and accurate sizing of addressable markets set revenue benchmarks realistically, which, in turn, inspires investor confidence.

Balancing the VOB and VOC.

Your prospective customers search for your products and services
across marketing channels, and possibly among distribution channels. We will discover every opportunity to appropriately balance the voice of the customer AND the voice of the business.

Positive ROI

Marketing investment recommendations to provide positive ROI. Shareholders and investors want productive metrics about targeted audience reach that leads to sustainable revenue growth. Marketing investment should be a data-driven decision that considers purchasing behaviors, market pricing, profitability, conversion rates and customer acquisition cost to determine the best mix of segments to pursue.


Messaging development through creation of compelling value propositions, which are incorporated in your messaging for delivery to your audience via appropriate vehicles. My hands-on marketing experience enables me to discern the practical from the possible. I lead the tactical implementation of our marketing initiatives effectively.


Short candle? Long shadow.

My client roster includes BioTech, Medical Device and Electronics, Construction and Building Materials, and more in B2B, B2B2C and B2C  environments. All purchasing decisions today are driven by a host of influencers that we will persuade!

Next Steps...

If your start-up needs a full-time or part-time interim CMO with a bias to action for the next 3 to 12+ months, let’s connect now to discuss your needs.